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Gulmarg sommario

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Gulmarg sommario

Gulmarg sommario

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Gulmarg, India's best ski destination, offers something for everyone. There are plenty of off-piste powder runs (with the risk that goes with them). 2011 saw the arrival of heli-skiing in Gulmarg. The main Alpine slopes offer great runs of 2 km or so with a stunning altitude drop of over 700m. The slopes have a gondola to the top, and is called Phase 2. For the intermediate skier, there is the Phase 1, a 3km long trail through the wooded hills. This trail is usually cured with snow beaters. For learners, Gulmarg has the "baby slopes": 3 slopes of varying difficulties, equipped with ski lifts and dozens of instructors are available. Equipment is available at many Government run ski shops for around 10$ a day and is generally good quality. provides good information resources, avalanche control services, and some rescue services as well.


  • Aeroporto di pertinenza:Srinagar
  • Treno:Srinagar
  • versante accom.:-
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Impianti risalita

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  • Chiusura stagione:
  • Lifts:6 (1chair lift, 5 surface lifts)
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Skiing now open on "Phase 1" of the gondola. Offers a gentle prepared track of 3km through wooded slopes with many off-piste runs.

Phase 2 skiing not yet open.

Ski lifts on the training slopes not yet operational.

Informazioni fornite 23 Dec 2012

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willcheshire da India scrive:

I'm here with Di5 adventures and having an amazing time with Andy.
This is my first time to Gulmarg and if no one was to tell me it was the worst season in a decade, I wouldn't have guessed.
The snow, today, was a bit heavy and slow. Although getting the split boards out and skinning through the trees still ticks the boxes I came here for.
A huge snowfall reported to fall over the next few days will allow a few more days at Barber Reshi, in waist deep powder, on a steep pitch. Another box to tick.
Certainly a destination for those looking for a different type of ski holiday; Gulmarg is the one. When researching make sure you check out Di5 as a tour option. Couldn't recommend it any higher

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