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  • 1060m

  • 510m

  • 550m

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  • Aeroporto di pertinenza:Bergen
  • Treno:Voss
  • Website della località:www.Myrkdalen.no
  • versante accom.:-
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Impianti risalita

  • Apertura stagione:21 Nov 2020
  • Chiusura stagione:2 May 2021
  • Lifts:-
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Derion da Greece scrive:

I really wanted to see how skiing in Scandinavia looks like so I have decided to combine Easter vacation with skiing in Norway. I have chosen Myrkdalen because it had snowed a lot there recently. This ski resort is 2 hours away from Bergen. You take the train from Bergen get off at Voss train station and take a free ski bus. Myrkdalen is 30 km away from Voss and 130 km away from Bergen. A combined ticket that includes transportation and ski ticket costs 640 NOK, thus about 70€. The on site rental is too expensive: 380 NOK, thus around 40€ for really mediocre equipment. The resort is very famous with locals and I saw a few tourists there. Most come from Bergen carrying their skis on the train. The ski resort offers 22 pistes. There are 2 chair lift and the rest drag lifts. Most pistes are difficult blues or easy red ones. There are 2 pistes supposed to be black but nothing to be compared with the Alps black pistes. The altitude of the ski centers varies from 500 till 1.000m. The pistes are well groomed. On Friday 14 April 2017, when I was there, there had been plenty of snow: about 1 meter on the base and 2,5 meters on the top. I did not see one single snow. However, the reason why I chose Scandinavia for Easter instead of Alps was that I was hoping to find good quality snow. I wanted to avoid slushy spring snow. I have read other comments that in Scandinavia it is really never hot so the snow does not melt which produces ice etc. Well, my experience was as follows: until 13:30 the snow was really good. It was dry. However, after 13:30 in the lower pistes it suffered a lot and was slushy and hard to manage. My opinion, I do not know if there was a really a place to avoid spring snow if you want to ski late season!
The scenery was beautiful but no fjords can be seen. Disadvantage: the resort was really busy with big queues. The surroundings were nothing special. There are no shops really, no village except Myrkdalen hotel. Overall impression: if you are in Bergen from December till April the nearby ski resorts like Myrkdalen or Voss deserve a visit. However, taking into account the very high price of everything, the rather limited ski field and the lack of apres-ski, I would prefer the Alps. I have read that Scandinavian resorts are more charming but I did not see this in Myrkdalen. Myrkdalen was a nice one day skiing experience which can be combined with visiting the fjords but in my opinion can not be a reason by itself to visit Norway.

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  • Bergen, Norway54km
  • Bergen / Flesland, Norway65km
  • Haugesund, Norway157km
  • Alesund, Norway186km
  • Stavanger, Norway205km

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  • Hoddevik, Norway150km
  • Ervika, Norway155km
  • Flo, Norway177km
  • Alnes Lighthouse, Norway186km
  • Ulla, Norway209km

mountain forecastsVette montagne
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  • Hogafjellet, Norway31km
  • Veten, Norway43km
  • Gullfjellet, Norway48km
  • Rundemanen, Norway50km
  • Blamanen, Norway51km

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