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Isola 2000 sommario

Sci France

Isola 2000 sommario

Isola 2000 sommario

Isola 2000 photo

Isola 2000

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Isola 2000

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Isola 2000

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Isola 2000

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Isola 2000

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Statistiche pendenza

  • 2610m

  • 810m

  • 1800m

  • Acri di pista da scii:5000
  • Piste:43
  • Innevamento:75%
  • Halfpipe:1
  • Terrain Parks:1
  • Campestre:-
  • Principiante16%
  • Intermedio74%
  • Avanzato10%

Isola 2000 is the closest high resort to the Cote d' Azure. The drive to Isola 2000 from Nice is a spectacular one that winds up through the steep river gorges of the Maritime Alps and takes just one and a half hours. Worthwhile diversions abound, the Verdon and Cians gorges are at hand, as are spectacular fortress towns such as Entrevaux. Purpose-built in the 1970s, Isola 2000 has tried hard to lessen the ugliness of its ill-conceived concrete buildings by cladding many with wood and newer buildings are mostly traditional chalets in the pine forests above Hameau. The terrain is varied and is especially good for beginners and intermediates with a respectable 120km of piste and some challenging wooded off-piste runs for snowboarders and advanced skiers after new snow. Being located so close to the sea and above 1800m, Isola 2000 gets the brunt of the snowfall from storm systems moving into the Western Med and can often have very different conditions to the rest of the Alps. Early in the season, Isola 2000 tends to be more snow-sure than higher resorts further north but being so close to Nice means that it can get very busy at weekends and holidays.


  • Aeroporto di pertinenza:Nice
  • Treno:Nice
  • Telefono:+33493231515
  • Website della località
  • versante accom.:
  •   22
  •   10

Impianti risalita

  • Apertura stagione:1 Dec 2019
  • Chiusura stagione:14 Apr 2019
  • Lifts:21 (9 chair lifts, 10 surface lifts)
  •   2
  •   9
  •   10

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Nearest gateway to this ski resort: Nice Intl Airport, at only 90km by the road.

Regular shuttle buses from the airport to the ski resort at only 1 EUR!!! More information on the web site of the airport:

Informazioni fornite 29 Nov 2010

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Brancaleoni da France scrive:

La station d'Isola 2000, ne semble pas concernée par les très nombreux accidents et chutes. Si la station voudrait réduire le nombre de ces accidents et chutes, cela serait facile. Il suffirait pour cela d'afficher chaque matin, les noms des pistes que les dameurs ont bien voulus damer au petit matin. Cela permettrait aux skieurs moyens et débutants de rester sur les pistes damées et ainsi de limiter d'être surpris par les conditions des pistes et donc de chuter. Bien sur cela réduirait l'activité du centre Medical, du service des pistes, ambulance et hélicoptère. Pour l'instant Isola 2000 a préféré effacer mon message précédent d'il y a une heure, je vais donc le poster sur d'autres sites.

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