Sci Austria

Söll Previsioni Neve

  • Previsione meteo per Soll a 620 m altitudine emesso: 1 am28 Mar 2017 (ora locale)
Sci Austria

Söll Previsioni Neve


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giorni 0-3 Söll sommario meteo:

Pioggia leggera (totale 4.0mm), per lo più che cade Martedì pomeriggio. Temperature moderate (max 17°C Giovedì pomeriggio, min 6°C Martedì mattina). Vento sarà generalmente leggero.

giorni 4-6 Söll sommario meteo:

Pioggia leggera (totale 4.0mm), per lo più che cade Sabato pomeriggio. Caldo (max 20°C Venerdì pomeriggio, min 6°C Sabato notte). Vento sarà generalmente leggero.
Martedì 28Mercoledì 29Giovedì 30Venerdì 31Sabato 1Domenica 2
rovesci di pioggia
rovesci di pioggia
rovesci di pioggia
rovesci di pioggia
rovesci di pioggia
parzialmente nuvoloso
rovesci di pioggia
Vento (km/h)
5 NW5
5 NNW5
5 SW5
5 NNW5
5 NNW5
5 SSW5
5 ENE5
5 ENE5
10 S10
5 S5
5 NE5
10 SSW10
0 NE0
10 NE10
10 SSW10
5 NNW5
10 NNE10
5 WSW5
Sommariolimpidorovescio di pioggiarovescio di pioggialimpidorovescio di pioggiarovescio di pioggialimpidolimpidolimpidolimpidolimpidolimpidolimpidorischio temporalerovescio di pioggiapoche nuvolerischio temporalerovescio di pioggia
Mappa Neve
T alps snow sum28.cc23
T alps snow sum29.cc23
T alps snow sum30.cc23
T alps snow sum31.cc23
T alps snow sum01.cc23
T alps snow sum02.cc23
Neve cm
Pioggia mm
Massimo °C
Min. °C
Zero termico (m)265026502400230025502550260028502950300028502650260027002550235025002300
Söll freezing level scale
snowy slopeSöll freezing level
Eyeball surf report
  1. Skiwelt wilder kaiser   brixental fotograf christiankapfingerSkiWelt Marketing Spring conditions on piste. Light clouds dotting the sky.
  2. Skiwelt wilder kaiser   brixental fotograf christiankapfingerSkiWelt Marketing Spring conditions on piste. Great weather, no clouds in sight.
  3. Skiwelt wilder kaiser   brixental fotograf christiankapfingerSkiWelt Marketing Spring conditions on piste. Another glorious day.
  4. eyeball reporter Fantastic skiing on piste. Clear blue skies, most lifts are open.

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La tabella sopra da le previsioni meteo per Söll a specifiche altezze 620 m. I nostri sofisticati modelli meteo ci consentono di fornire previsioni neve per la vetta, l'area intermedia e a valle delle stazioni sciistiche di Söll. Per accedere alle previsioni meteo ad altre altezze, per spostarti usa tab sopra la tabella. Per una visione meteo piu' ampia , controlla la mappa meteo di Austria.

Clicca qui per leggere ulteriori informazioni sullo zero termico e il nostro sistema di prevedere le temperature.

Il nome della localita' è scritto anche come Soll.

Recensioni dei visitatori di Söll

modpod da United Kingdom scrive:

Have been skiing for over 30 years and have visited numerous resorts in France, Italy, Austria and Scotland. All have been great but I keep returning to the Skiwelt and the resort of Soll. I first went to Soll in 1984 when it was the ski equivalent of San Antonio. Over the years it has grown up, as we, the guests, get older. I have been to Soll over 20 times, and when speaking to people in the bars, this is not unusual. Testament to the quality in the area. The ski lift company has invested millions over the years whereby the lift system and snow making system are second to none. Piste preparation is also to be commended, with an army of Piste Bully's deployed every night. For such a low resort, I am amazed that I have never had any problems with snow conditions. Indeed, over the past 2 years, (Xmas and Feb both years) I have experienced the best snow conditions of any of my ski holidays.
Soll has lost it's lager lout image and is now a much more adult experience while still offering entertaining and lively nightlife. Hotels range from basic to luxury. I have only ever resided in basic but found them to provide comfortable accommodation with excellent food. The resort is compact with all bars and facilities nearby and easy access to the slopes.
I have travelled with large groups of varying ability and found touring together to be extremely easy. That said, I am well versed in the runs in the area. The piste map and piste markings can be difficult to understand. This does not detract from the experience. You just have to study the map a bit more and plan your routes. The whole area is varied, with spectacular views and the ability to tour all day without ever returning to the same run. There is nothing to task the expert but plenty to work the legs. This is a fun ski area with excellent mountain restaurants and is very good value for money. Food and drink, even on the mountain is reasonably priced. Also thrown into the mix is a large night skiing area in Soll.
Nightlife, as previously stated, is great and starts early as you come off the slopes and continues (if you last) into the early hours in The Whisky Mhule.
It is impossible to recommend any particular run, mountain restaurant, bar or activity as everything is so good.
I will be returning again this Xmas and again on 2 Feb, staying at Hotel Rubin. See you there.

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