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Les Contamines Previsioni Neve

  • Previsione meteo per Les Contamines a 2487 m altitudine emesso: 12 pm23 Feb 2017 (ora locale)  
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Les Contamines Previsioni Neve

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giorni 0-3 Les Contamines sommario meteo:

Una pesante caduta di neve, più pesante durante Giovedì notte. Le temperature saranno sotto lo zero (max 0°C Giovedì mattina, min -10°C Venerdì pomeriggio). Venti decrescenti (venti freschi da SW Giovedì pomeriggio, calma per Sabato notte).

giorni 4-6 Les Contamines sommario meteo:

Una pesante caduta di neve, più pesante durante Giovedì pomeriggio. Condizioni di gelo e disgelo (max 1°C Domenica mattina, min -12°C Martedì notte). Venti in aumento (venti deboli da OSO Domenica mattina, forte vento da SW per Martedì mattina).
Giovedì 23Venerdì 24Sabato 25Domenica 26Lunedì 27Martedì 28
parzialmente nuvoloso
rovesci di neve
neve moderata
neve moderata
rovesci di neve
parzialmente nuvoloso
parzialmente nuvoloso
parzialmente nuvoloso
neve pesante
neve pesante
neve pesante
neve pesante
Vento (km/h)
20 SW20
30 SW30
25 WSW25
15 W15
10 NW10
20 NE20
10 NE10
5 NNE5
5 SSE5
5 WSW5
10 W10
10 SW10
15 SW15
25 SW25
45 WSW45
40 SW40
45 W45
40 WNW40
Sommariopoche nuvolelimpidorovescio di nevenevi
cata mod.
cata mod.
rovescio di nevelimpidolimpidolimpidopoche nuvolepoche nuvolelimpidolimpidopoche nuvoleforte nevicataforte nevicataforte nevicataforte nevicata
Mappa Neve
T alps snow sum23.cc23
T alps snow sum24.cc23
T alps snow sum25.cc23
T alps snow sum26.cc23
T alps snow sum27.cc23
T alps snow sum28.cc23
Neve cm
Pioggia mm
Massimo °C
Min. °C
Zero termico (m)2400240016501350115065013502200235026502550235022002100165013501450800
Les Contamines freezing level scale
snowy slopeLes Contamines freezing level
Eyeball surf report
  1. Pnlogo snowcastPremiere Neige Looks like there's lots of new snow on the way this week and over 40cm due next Tuesday! #snow #SainteFoy #lastminuteskiholiday [link]
  2. Skivillaroger[1]Ski Villaroger #family day in #stefoy.. gorgeous weather but snow forecast for tomorrow we hope # weatherischanging [link]
  3. eyeball reporter The best conditions can be found on the upper slopes. Clear blue skies, most lifts are open.
  4. eyeball reporterOT pralognan la vanoise Typical spring snow, firm in the morning, slushy in the afternoon. Clear blue skies, most lifts are open.
  5. eyeball reporter Fantastic skiing on piste. Clear blue skies, all lifts open.

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Recensioni dei visitatori di Les Contamines

Derek F da Israel scrive:

Just had a brief 3 days at Les Contamines, which I have had on my hit list for a couple of years.

Access by car from Geneva is really easy. It's literally 10 minutes up the road from St. Gervais and should be accessible even after snowfalls.

The village is nice, parking is not a problem, and there's a much friendlier atmosphere than most French sites. Seems to be only Brits and French families -- so not much in the way of international mix. We got reasonably priced accommodation in one of the Pierre Blanches apartments in Hameaux du Lay which is near the main cable car and were close to the Tetras bar which is great for watching soccer. Also a nice French bar: Saxo, round the corner.

I am used to ski in-ski out, so I was not wild about the fact that you need to get a lift up to the ski area and it's not really possible to get down to the village on a snowboard which meant you needed to end the day before the main return lift closed.

The snowboarding was generally good even though there was not that much snow. One small gripe is that there's a awkward narrow blue slope that takes you to the important Junction area that gets fairly crowded and it was not great in the hot sunny conditions we had.

The snow park is really good fun and I thought this and the main run down from the Signal area were the best sections.

My son felt he had exhausted the site after 2 days, but a group of Brits I met who come every year were of the view that the site is always full of surprises and never fails to hold their interest.

I felt there was a lack of tree-level pistes which meant a lot of the terrain felt the same but to be fair I did not get to the Hauteluce side. I suspect that a week here could be too long.

On the plus side, St. Gervais is very accessible and that has some great restaurants including the Enterele pizza which is probably the best pizza joint I have ever experienced. Really worth the trip but you may want to book to be sure.

On our last day we moved on to Chamonix - one day at the Flegere lift. The conditions were colder there, even though it is lower. Great tree level pistes mixed with wild and wonderful ski lifts and cable cars. It made a great contrast to Les Contamines and I can recommend the mix between the two. I would not like to do Flegere in bad fog though!

To sum up -- Les Contamines is a good site, with decent value for money with shops and accommodation which are reasonable. Also, in good snow conditions you have the option to explore St. Gervais, which looks interesting and is a great small town with plenty of good eateries. Plus the fact that Chamonix is not far away.

If you fancy just one resort then I would recommend nearby Flaine over Les Contamines (but the road up there is harder if the snow is falling).

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