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Davos Previsioni Neve

  • Previsione meteo per Davos a 1560 m altitudine emesso: 12 pm25 Feb 2017 (ora locale)  
Sci Switzerland

Davos Previsioni Neve


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giorni 0-3 Davos sommario meteo:

Per lo più asciutto. Condizioni di gelo e disgelo (max 5°C Domenica mattina, min -6°C Sabato pomeriggio). Vento sarà generalmente leggero.

giorni 4-6 Davos sommario meteo:

Inizialmente temperato con pioggia leggera (totale 5.0mm) Martedì mattina seguito da temperature più fredde ed una leggera nevicata, più pesante Martedì notte. Condizioni di gelo e disgelo (max 4°C Martedì mattina, min -13°C Martedì notte). Vento sarà generalmente leggero.
Sabato 25Domenica 26Lunedì 27Martedì 28Mercoledì 1Giovedì 2
parzialmente nuvoloso
parzialmente nuvoloso
rovesci di neve
pioggia leggera
neve leggera
neve moderata
rovesci di neve
neve leggera
pioggia leggera
parzialmente nuvoloso
parzialmente nuvoloso
Vento (km/h)
5 SE5
0 WSW0
10 SSE10
5 SSE5
0 NNE0
10 SSE10
10 SSE10
10 S10
10 SSE10
15 S15
20 S20
15 WNW15
5 SSE5
10 SW10
5 SSE5
0 SW0
5 NNW5
10 SSE10
Sommariolimpidolimpidolimpidopoche nuvolenuvol-
poche nuvolelimpidolimpidorovescio di nevepioggia leggeranevi
cata leggera
cata mod.
limpidorovescio di nevenevi
cata leggera
pioggia leggerapoche nuvolepoche nuvole
Mappa Neve
T alps snow sum25.cc23
T alps snow sum26.cc23
T alps snow sum27.cc23
T alps snow sum28.cc23
T alps snow sum01.cc23
T alps snow sum02.cc23
Neve cm
Pioggia mm
Massimo °C
Min. °C
Zero termico (m)1000220014002650260021502000215014001950200055090019501350195021501700
Davos freezing level scale
snowy slopeDavos freezing level
Eyeball surf report
  1. eyeball reporter Great skiing thanks to yesterday's snowfalls. Clear blue skies, all lifts open.
  2. Web%20ad%203bTony Galeano sunny with a 12km N wind recommened best slopes 1 and 2 black from the Gipfel, 19 red Totalp and 11 blue Meierhoftälli. My recommended restaurant today is the Alte Schwendi Restaurant

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Recensioni dei visitatori di Davos

Darren Pataki da United Kingdom scrive:

Until last year I have been going to Davos for two weeks every Easter, but since the GBP has fallen so much against the CHF I have found that Davos just doesn't offer the same value for money as resorts, say, in Austria.

What Davos excels at is the sheer number of mountains to ski. What lets Davos down is the sheer number of drag lifts across the entire resort. The mountains Pischa, Madrisa and Rinerhorn are, once you've got off the gondola at the middle station, exclusively T-bar, which is a shame if you're a snowboarder or you have small children that are still learning (and, if like me, you don't want to just pack 'em off to ski school but would actually like to have them around on what is your family holiday). These are 3 excellent mountains that offer fantastic skiing/boarding but which are ultimately let down by their archaic lift systems.

Even more annoying is the fact that Pischa, Madrisa and Rinerhorn all close ridiculously early in the season, regardless on how much snowfall there has been. Admittedly, Easter can be late, but my final 3 years to the resort has found all 3 mountains closed before I even got there.

Which leaves you Jakobshorn and Parsenn. Again, too many T-bars. However, there are at least a good smattering of chairs (quad or above) and gondolas. Parsenn also has the updated funicular, of which they have this year replaced the upper part (although this is a waste of investment in my opinion as everyone gets off at the mid point and takes the 6 person Parsenn Rapide chairlift anyway - the money would have been much better invested in replacing the remaining T-bars).

Personally of the two, I prefer Parsenn as I feel the runs are longer and more varied and you get the feeling that you're actually going somewhere, such as when taking the route down into Klosters. Be warned though, the two blacks (13 and 16) that run down into Wolfgang have no return lift so there is no option but to buy a beer at Kessler's Kulm (or the Shell garage, which is also owned by Kessler!) and wait for a bus back to Parsennbahn in the town.

I have no interest in off-piste, but for those that have there is much.

Basically, compared to other resorts, I am disappointed to say that I feel Davos is resting on its laurels a bit - especially now that I am comparing it to other areas that are investing heavily in updating their lift systems and are offering comparable - if not the sheer amount - of skiing/boarding (such as Solden (Austria) and Andalo (Italy), to name but two).

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