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Bruncu Spina sommario

Sci Italy

Bruncu Spina sommario

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Bruncu Spina sommario

Sardinia, Bruncu Spina (Fonni) March 2007, Italy photo

Bruncu Spina

Credito foto: Discover Sardinia

Piste, Bruncu Spina photo

Bruncu Spina

Credito foto: Enrico Cadau

Piste Bruncuspina, Bruncu Spina photo

Bruncu Spina

Credito foto: Cheoma

6 febbraio 2011, Bruncu Spina photo

Bruncu Spina

Credito foto: cheoma

Statistiche pendenza

  • 1824m

  • 255m

  • 1569m

  • Acri di pista da scii:-
  • Piste:-
  • Innevamento:-
  • Halfpipe:-
  • Terrain Parks:-
  • Campestre:-
  • Principiante45%
  • Intermedio45%
  • Avanzato10%

Bruncu Spina is Sardinia/Sardegna’s second highest mountain. It is located in the Gennargentu Mountain Range near the centre of the island and is the only mountain on Sardinia which boasts ski lifts and downhill skiing. At 1828m, however, it is not high enough to offer secure ski conditions so that the number of days per year on which you can actually ski up there is limited. Bruncu Spina is the northernmost summit of the main Gennargentu ridge which includes all the five highest summits of the island. All are about the same height (just around 1800m) and Punta La Marmora is the highest one.

The whole appearance of the Gennargentu Range resembles the Scottish highlands. Also the history seems to be very similar. Almost all of the old oak forests of Sardinia have been logged in the 18th and 19th century, mainly to produce charcoal.


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Impianti risalita

  • Apertura stagione:
  • Chiusura stagione:
  • Lifts:2 surface lifts
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  •   2

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