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Broken River Previsioni Neve

  • Previsione meteo per Broken River a 1400 m altitudine emesso: 5 pm30 Apr 2017 (ora locale)
Sci New Zealand

Broken River Previsioni Neve

NzBroken River

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giorni 0-3 Broken River sommario meteo:

Una leggera caduta di neve, più pesante Domenica pomeriggio. Diventa più mite con pioggia leggera (totale 9.0mm) Mercoledì mattina. Condizioni di gelo e disgelo (max 6°C Mercoledì mattina, min -6°C Domenica notte). Venti in aumento (calma Lunedì pomeriggio, tempeste violenti da NW per Martedì notte).

giorni 4-6 Broken River sommario meteo:

Pioggia leggera (totale 3.0mm) All'inizio, poi diventa più freddo con una spolverata di neve Mercoledì pomeriggio. Condizioni di gelo e disgelo (max 5°C Sabato mattina, min -3°C Mercoledì notte). Vento sarà generalmente leggero.
DomLunedì 1Martedì 2Mercoledì 3Giovedì 4Venerdì 5Sab
neve moderata
rovesci di neve
rovesci di pioggia
rovesci di pioggia
neve leggera
parzialmente nuvoloso
parzialmente nuvoloso
parzialmente nuvoloso
Vento (km/h)
40 S40
25 S25
15 S15
5 SW5
15 NW15
20 NW20
30 NW30
45 NW45
75 NW75
30 WNW30
10 WNW10
10 NW10
15 NW15
15 S15
20 S20
10 S10
5 NW5
5 NW5
cata mod.
rovescio di nevelimpidolimpidolimpidolimpidolimpidorovescio di pioggiarovescio di pioggianevi
cata leggera
poche nuvolelimpidolimpidopoche nuvolepoche nuvolelimpidolimpidolimpido
Mappa Neve
T nz snow sum01.cc23
T nz snow sum02.cc23
T nz snow sum03.cc23
T nz snow sum04.cc23
T nz snow sum05.cc23
T nz snow sum06.cc23
Neve cm
Pioggia mm
Massimo °C
Min. °C
Zero termico (m)13008001000145028003350345035502850220012501150155015001300190023002100
Broken River freezing level scale
snowy slopeBroken River freezing level

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Recensioni dei visitatori di Broken River

James Broadbent da New Zealand scrive:

Broken River (or BR to those who know it) ranks highly for snow, terrain and all round good times. Its main basin consistently gets the best snow on the whole Craigieburn Range. Two high speed nutcracker rope tows take skiers and boarders up to access this basin, which is big enough to give fresh lines all day after a snowfall. The Ridge Tow goes higher up to Nervous Knob to access steeper lines, and leads over into Allan’s Basin, another vast area of snow. There is access to the backcountry further south along the range, and it is also possible to ski over to Craigieburn and back for a day. Craigieburn honours Broken River lift tickets (and vice versa) so you can have a few runs there before returning.
Palmer Lodge is the day lodge in the main ski basin, open to the public. Hanging out on the north-facing deck in the sunshine is the place to be for lunch, or a cup of tea or even a beer between runs. Bring your own sandwiches or buy a pie. Jumps and rails nearby provide entertainment as you eat. Chat with the local club members and pick up tips on where the snow is good today.
Broken River’s terrain mainly suits intermediate to advanced skiers and boarders, but there is a small beginner area near Palmer Lodge where the next generations of BR members learn to ride. The Palmer Lodge area is also popular with New Zealand’s native mountain parrot, the Kea. All Kea are named ‘Harry’ and they are notorious kleptomaniacs – watch your gear closely or Harry might fly off with it!
The skifield is accessed from Highway 73 via a gravel road through beech forest. Carry tyre chains at all times. Beyond the carpark there is a 30 minute walk up to the lodges and rope tows. There is a goods lift to carry your luggage and skis, so the forest walk is a pleasant one. The ski area overlooks the fantastic scenery of the Castle Hill Basin, and from the top of the main tow the views include Mount Rolleston, the Arrowsmith mountains and the Harper and Wilberforce Rivers.
The staff are keen riders themselves, so they are on the same wavelength you are on, and very approachable. Professional and volunteer ski patrollers keep the place running safely. Club members are always friendly and helpful to those who are new to the nutcracker tows; don’t let those lifts put you off. If you have never ridden a nutcracker tow before, it will be a challenge initially, but persevere with it. Once you have the knack the tows are simple and efficient to ride. The tows operate from 9am to 5pm, and twice a week depending on weather there is floodlit night skiing also.
When you have finally had enough, it’s only a short walk back down to the accommodation lodges. The evenings are social and relaxed. The accommodation is on three levels of service. There is self-catering bunkrooms, club-style bunkrooms (with communal duties and meals included) and fully catered and serviced accommodation. All are good value. BR club members get 50% discount on everything. If you love what you see, ask about joining the club; new members are always welcome.
Often the other ski areas are shut due to high winds or excess snow (or not enough snow) and Broken River just keeps on skiing. Even at the end of the season through late October and even into November, when other ski areas have shut, BR keeps on operating for as long as there is snow. Broken River is a real snow rider’s mountain. Everybody is there for the skiing and boarding. Egos are discouraged and the only attitude is a positive one. The BR experience is addictive: try it, you’ll like it.

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