Sci USA - Colorado

Breckenridge Previsioni Neve

  • Previsione meteo per Breckenridge a 2925 m altitudine emesso: 5 pm22 Mar 2017 (ora locale)
Sci USA - Colorado

Breckenridge Previsioni Neve


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giorni 0-3 Breckenridge sommario meteo:

Inizialmente temperato con pioggia leggera (totale 3.0mm) Giovedì pomeriggio seguito da temperature più fredde ed una leggera nevicata, più pesante Giovedì pomeriggio. Condizioni di gelo e disgelo (max 4°C Mercoledì pomeriggio, min -10°C Venerdì notte). Vento sarà generalmente leggero.

giorni 4-6 Breckenridge sommario meteo:

Temperato con pioggia leggera (totale 3.0mm) Sabato pomeriggio Diventa più freddo con una leggera copertura di neve, che ancora cade Sabato notte. Condizioni di gelo e disgelo (max 4°C Sabato pomeriggio, min -11°C Domenica notte). Vento sarà generalmente leggero.
MerGiovedì 23Venerdì 24Sabato 25Domenica 26Lunedì 27Mar
parzialmente nuvoloso
parzialmente nuvoloso
rovesci di pioggia
rovesci di neve
neve moderata
rovesci di neve
rovesci di neve
parzialmente nuvoloso
neve moderata
neve leggera
rovesci di neve
rovesci di neve
rovesci di neve
rovesci di pioggia
Vento (km/h)
10 SW10
10 SSE10
15 SSE15
15 SSW15
10 NW10
20 NNW20
15 NW15
10 W10
5 SSW5
5 SW5
5 NNW5
15 NNW15
15 NW15
5 W5
5 SW5
5 SW5
10 SSE10
10 SSE10
Sommariopoche nuvolepoche nuvolerovescio di pioggiarovescio di nevenevi
cata mod.
rovescio di neverovescio di nevelimpidopoche nuvolerischio temporalenevi
cata mod.
cata leggera
rovescio di neverovescio di nevelimpidolimpidorovescio di neverovescio di pioggia
Mappa Neve
T col snow sum23.cc23
T col snow sum24.cc23
T col snow sum25.cc23
T col snow sum26.cc23
T col snow sum27.cc23
T col snow sum28.cc23
Neve cm
Pioggia mm
Massimo °C
Min. °C
Zero termico (m)355031002900325024002250280023002950360028502600300022502550360028003000
Breckenridge freezing level scale
snowy slopeBreckenridge freezing level

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Recensioni dei visitatori di Breckenridge

Peter Simes da United Kingdom scrive:

Flew back from Breck om Sunday 17th Feb 2008 and it was snowing!!!!
My family and I spent 11 nights at the ski in-ski out resort at Beaver Run, next to the Peak 9 super chair....first time in the USA and what a great location. Four mountains to choose from, wide and interlinked runs covering green (very easy) blue (real cruisers, although some fast stretches) blue/black (come demanding lumps and bumps), black single diamond (fast but not too hard), black double diamond (didn't get to those) and EX meaning Extreme (forget it!!!). In other words something for everyone especially snow and lots of it!!!
My daughter is a boarder and had lots of room to grow her ability including terrain parks and jumps. My wife and I ski and she was so confident by the end of our trip she followed us down blacks without complaint (she did not feel as though someone would come hurtling past on narrow tracks).
The Yanks were courteous and not at all brash in any way and always asked where we were from and how we were enjoying ourselves. In fact they did come across as truly sincere. They could not be friendlier.
Town and facilities were first as you probably guessed by now we are converted. Only thing I miss is Gluwien and French food but other than that if you can sit on a plane for 9 hours there and about 8 hours back it is worth the journey believe me....oh, one final can be bloody freezing on the lifts so take snoods, balaclava, glove liners and extra layers for the cold days!!
I have skied France and Austria and still love them but if you want snow and empty pistes with all manner of terrain go to Colorado.

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