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Powder King Foto di conn brown

Sci Canada - BC

Powder King Foto di conn brown

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Powder King Photo:'Sonja Gowda and Conn Brown da conn brown

Sonja Gowda and Conn Brown, Powder King
utente: conn brown (2 photo)
foto scattata alle 3:13 pm 6 Feb 2010

Sonja Gowda and Conn Brown

Canada - BC | Powder King

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Mt Stobl, summit above Powder King ski area, Pine Pass BC

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D. Host Hi Conn and Margaret. Great photos. So many terrific memories of Azu Ski village and Powder King. Last time I was there I was with you Conn and I ripped a binding out of my ski just below the summit and had to ski out on one leg. LOL.
Sue Crosby What a great picture!