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Sci Greece

Kalavryta Ski Resort Foto di snowfore1

Sci Greece

Kalavryta Ski Resort Foto di snowfore1

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Kalavryta Ski Resort Photo:'Astraka peak (2436m) on Mt. Gamila (Greece) da snowfore1

Astraka peak (2436m) on Mt. Gamila (Greece), Kalavryta Ski Resort

Astraka peak (2436m) on Mt. Gamila (Greece)

Greece | Kalavryta Ski Resort

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A 10 hour shutter speed was used for this picture at Christmas time using a Zenit XP camera with 10 hour exposure to capture the stars and head torch trails of the mountaineers as they moved amongst their tents and the EOS shelter. Photographer: Kostas Tzanetos

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Kostas Kouskouras Just a clarification. Helmos is a mountain with a ski resort in Pelloponisos, Greece, while Astraka Peak on Mt. Gamila is quite far away (I suppose about 300 km to the North) close to the region called Zagorochoria. The closest ski resort would be Vasilitsa.