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Alpe d'Huez Foto di Keebs

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Alpe d'Huez Foto di Keebs

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Alpe d'Huez Photo:'Alpe D'Huez - February 2000 da Keebs

Alpe D'Huez - February 2000
utente: Keebs (6 photo)

Alpe D'Huez - February 2000

France | Alpe d'Huez

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After two days continual snow and low cloud, we woke to find glorious conditions - what a view to take in with a mid-morning beer!

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Bodie Miller yeh, they are big, but size isn't everything you know ;-)
bob damn thats good i live in nj ive never seen a mountain the half the size of that
Kaaskoek Congrats! Excellent pic :-D