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Piton des Neiges sommario

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Piton des Neiges sommario

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Piton des Neiges sommario

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  • 3070m

  • 3069m

  • 1m

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  • Avanzato-

Piton des Neiges in Réunion is a minor ski resort but it does boast a very impressive 3069 metres (10070 feet) of vertical descent. We have no information about the existence of any cross country ski trails at Piton des Neiges. The nearest airport is at St-Denis.


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Ema da Reunion scrive:

Nice ski resort with no snow :) As far as I know the last snow on the island was several years ago and local people nearly thought it's the end of the world. In the "winter" - august is the coldest month, the temperatures fall down to 5 degrees. But the mountain is awesome indeed. Come to visit. But leave the ski at home.

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