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Javalambre sommario

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Javalambre sommario


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Javalambre sommario

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Javalambre is just one hour from Valencia and Zaragoza, located in the Sierra de Javalambre. Javalambre opened in 1995/96 to expand the supply of snow in the province of Teruel.
This season (2009/2010) opens a new area that offers another 5 km of tracks, which is accessed by a chairlift - next generation 6-seater detachable. Modern production systems guarantee snow skiing during the winter season, as they cover the whole ski area. Aramón Javalambre commitment to the quality of their services, targets sports enthusiasts so that they enjoy some unforgettable days skiing.
For nature lovers: enjoy the new scenic trails that lead visitors along the perimeter of the resort, enjoying spectacular views of the Sierra de Javalambre.


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